Unemployment and its psychological consequences.

In the last year many people have had to face unemployment, confronting them with uncertainty. Many judge work as something evil, however, work is essential in our lives, not only brings us financial security, but also provides us with social benefits and psychological balance. Work is health, reinforces our identity, helps us organize our time, and makes us feel valued.

The study of the psychological repercussions of unemployment dates back to the great financial crises of the early 20th century, and specifically began with the analysis of the consequences of unemployment on the health and quality of life of those who lost their jobs during the Great Depression.

The health of unemployed people is very fragile at a psychological level, no matter why they became unemployed, if this state extends for a long period of time, the person will suffer a series of emotional disorders that should never be ignored, their mental health will be affected. When employment is lost, social interaction is reduced, since when we work we interact with our colleagues and bosses, and we even get to foster friendships within the work environment, and these bonds are lost or weakened due to the person's dissatisfaction or embarrassment with his or her 'label' of being unemployed. Another consequence of unemployment is that it affects cognitive development because depression limits motor skills by hindering the speed of movement, language processing, thinking, concentration, memory, decision-making and communication.

Unemployment should be valued as a circumstantial situation, and although each person is unique in the way they experience it, and social and family support can make a difference, in these cases it is important not to let too much time pass before formulating the goal of finding a new job, and always maintain a positive approach because good energies are perceived by employers. The optimism emitted by a smile during a job appointment adds countless points to your chances of being accepted, but be ready to face the rejections you may encounter along the way. A possible solution, which involves certain risks, is the creation of your own business, here the person is responsible for your project to be efficient and successful, but it means a shortcut to happiness and prosperity. It is wise to keep active, practice some sport, go out with friends, meditate, listen to music, read a good book, etc.

I would like to remind you that with or without unemployment, we do not know what the future of work will be. New technologies are emerging every day, artificial intelligence and automation have revolutionized the labor market. Little by little, digitalization is not only changing aspects of our daily routines, but in the future it will impact, with increasing intensity, the world of work. Jobs are going to be transformed, some companies will disappear and of course others will emerge, so I recommend that you get up to date with technology so you don't get left behind and become the future unemployed.

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