You must for purchase this book! I'm sure the title caught your eye.

It refers to the traditional mixture of this type of foods made from a combination of basic nutrients from many cultures around the world. The combination of grains and legumes provides several important calories. Both foods are widely available across the world. Rice and beans are vegetarian and, together, make up a complete protein.

That is exactly what you will get when you read this book. The combination of writings in it is so organic, to not only your mind, but your soul. Both will be receiving the protein.

We live in an era where our minds are manipulated by bad news and negativity, which affect our brains, our feelings and moods. These virulent writings actively disturb our decisions and program us to act from fear. By limiting our ability to reason with judgment, we often make decisions on autopilot.

Reading is the best food for the soul. It is very important to be selective with the type of information that we feed our mind, since physical health depends on the food you eat, your mental health is damaged if you submit it to toxic readings. This book gives you a diversity of topics which have been selected to nourish you.

P.S: I love rice and beans!

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