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Bring harmony to your home with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice based on living in harmony with the natural environment to enhance positive energy. With more than 3,500 years, this system helps to maintain the energetic balance of people through the arrangement and colors of the spaces in which they carry out their daily activities. This art of harmonizing the environment to benefit the peace of the individual means wind (feng) and water (shui). It is used to store positive energy, promote health, family relationships, attract prosperity, and well-being in the home. If you long to be healthy, happy, loving and prosperous, the space where you spend most of your time can help you promote the energies you desire.

Our home reflects how we are, and the things around us reflect us. You should choose carefully the decorations or furniture in your home, as well as the way you organize it. The purpose is that you feel comfortable and sheltered, that there are no objects that obstruct the passage or radiate negative energies. Sometimes we accumulate too many things in the house, and this results in overloading the spaces and breaking the energy balance. Where there is disorder, there are bad energies, only in order there is evolution, and organization means everything in its place.

In Feng Shui, each area of the home is connected to a certain area of our life, for example, the area that is related to prosperity, that is the left corner of our home if we place ourselves inside the house with our back to the front door, if this area is cluttered and overcrowded with objects, it will have a negative impact on our finances.

The entrance of your house is the main part where the energy enters the home, from there it is distributed to all the rooms, this is the first thing we must balance. Sometimes we clean the house excessively inside and forget that the first thing that people who visit us look at is the door, it should open and close smoothly, the key must turn completely to open and close, without locking.

The kitchen is related to your ability to attract money, so you should keep it clean and organized. Your home will not only be more comfortable and beautiful, but there will be a greater growth of your capital. To perfect your energy, keep your refrigerator tidy and stocked with fresh food, making sure it is not expired. If you want to lose weight, paint a blue wall in your kitchen or dining room, you will be able to appease your appetite. In addition, blue is a wall against discouragement.

The sleeping room is the main room in the house, remember that when we sleep we are more sensitive to the energies of the environment. Make sure that the head of the bed has a wall behind it, without windows or doors, is the most appropriate for rest; the wall should be away from the front door, and avoid that the bed is in front of the door.

In your living room or florida there should be at least two seats or groups of seats configuring a 90º angle, this position favors communication at an emotional level, it is more propitious than sitting side by side, or facing each other. The furniture should have different shapes, so that each person can choose the one that fits his or her mood.

The dining room is a special place because there we not only nourish our body, but also our spirit. It is where we share good food and special moments with the family. It should never be near the front door or visualized while eating, this would mean, according to Feng Shui, that the family will always be anxious about food, which would urge them to overeat and disengage from other significant areas. The table should not touch the wall, it should be easy for the participants to reach around it and everyone should be able to sit comfortably.

The use of colors in this tradition is intended to balance the energies, they are associated with the five elements. Make sure you have these colors in your home: Water element: black, dark blue, gray. Wood element: green, turquoise, light blue. Fire element: red, orange, deep yellow. Earth element: brown, beige, yellow, sand. Metal element: white, gold, silver, pastel colors in general.

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