Anunnakis, Nibiru or Planet X: fiction or reality?

Recently the word Anunnakis has been circulating through the networks, and although there are several theories about its meaning, the most accepted definition among researchers is that Anunnakis means 'those of the royal blood'.

The Sumerian story posits that there is one more planet in our solar system, called Nibiru, which has an elliptical orbit and takes approximately 3,600 years to make one complete revolution around the Sun. Some scholars support the hypothesis that the Sumerians, the first-born civilization of mankind and who were the first to propose the movement of the planets, the presence of other galaxies and expose their specific understanding of astrology, knew of the existence of another planet, from which came the Anunnaki, who were the origin of life on Earth and the source of the dizzying transformation of man on our planet through genetic manipulation. These entities, superior in all senses, would be the executors of the establishment of humanity and the construction of amazing constructions such as the Egyptian pyramids.

The ancient Sumerians did not possess devices to see what they exposed in their astronomical studies. To this day no one has been able to explain how they symbolized in images the planets Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, which cannot be seen without a telescope. On tablets they labeled the history of their civilization. It was the philologist, writer and pseudoscientist Zecharia Sitchin who studied the texts on these cuneiform tablets, and when translating them, he assured that the Sumerian population descended from an extra-planetary civilization called Annunakis, and that they owed their origin to genetic science. According to Sitchin, the Anunnakis created a hybrid race between them and the human species of that time, giving rise to homo sapiens, which for the moment has no link with the hominid chain and we are still searching for the claimed 'missing link'.

For years astronomers have been conjecturing the presence of a planet beyond Pluto, the supposed 'Planet X', whose ellipse around the Sun would be 3,600 years, and in its stellar journey would pass by our planet. Scientists have mathematical proof of its existence, its orbit is eccentric and extremely elliptical. For now this planet cannot be seen and studied with any of the instruments of space exploration that we have because it is located in the Kuiper Belt, a sidereal disk of icy bodies that surrounds our solar system, with a super difficult access by unmanned vehicles, or telescopes.

According to the transcriptions of the Sumerian tablets made by Sitchin, the natives of Nibiru, that is to say the Annunakis, some 450,000 years ago visited Earth in one of those approaches, and not only obstructed our natural evolution creating the Sumerians by manipulating their DNA, but also turned them into slaves since they needed gold to rebuild their planet and created them with this objective, although they also brought advanced technology to the Sumerian civilization. Nibiru is described on the tablets as a reddish planet, so large that it can be compared to Jupiter.

Archaeologists and scientists reject Sitchin's translations, calling them theoretical and novel, for these reasons they rejected his work. There are many hypotheses about the Anunnaki and Nibiru, but none of them are really concrete. Evidently many will wonder if perhaps science ignores or sabotages several scientists and archaeologists, because to accept another theory of human origin would be to annul Darwin's theory of evolution, whose bases, although incomprehensible, are fanatically recognized by science.

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